Echos In The Park

Written by: James Chenevert

It never fails. The echo's are still here.
Seems that you always come back to me.
Not around, but always near.

We used to stroll hand in hand,
our love was forever.
Vows were lasting,
making a promise to always endeavor.

We'd laugh and run,
just like kids in play.
Always taking love for granted,
never realizing that someday,
one of us would have to go away.

I remember that night.
Yes that last night.
We seen the crowd,
the yelling, and then...
a fiery flash of light.

You fell toward me,
pain in your pretty eyes.
I held on to you,
shaking, trembling,
amid your silent cries.

A stray bullet fired from an angry gun.
and within a passing moment,
your precious life was done.

And now I walk aimlessly, alone,
just walking in the dark.
Just me, you, and a memory,
I still can hear, echo's in the park.