joyce said

Written by: joy bohland

She took a long look at me
said "My legs used to be tight like yours
look at em now,
thighs are wobbly, gross fat"
never knew a 75 year old thought about that...

But thats what Joyce said.

When a car whizzed by a sign
marked 35 
going 55
she yelled out 'Smart ass!'
without blinking an eye
and said "You'd better keep up that speed
in order to feed the hungry!"

Told me about her second husband
when he proposed
she said "I've never bedded a fat man before
but here goes..."
and he couldn't help but love her cuz
no one says it 
like Joyce said.

When she was walking 
behind me 
she said " I can tell you're hungry"
asked her how, she said "Your butt told me".

One night before I went off to my bed
she said...

"You may know thousands of people
but you should count your friends on your hands..."
I can.

I love her cuz 
that's what 
Joyce said.