Now and always

Written by: Rereloluwa Adetimehin

The beginning i could never forget when we met the journey begun you loved me even when i was down stood by me and kept me strong the love i feel for you will never die now and always. The times you held me in the warmth of your embrace to keep me close the wonders your beautiful lips performed more heavenly than paradise you are the love of my life now and always. The tingles and butterflies your touch flares are always a wonder to my spirit you kiss me like you couldnt bear to be away the tenderness,care,love and affection your eyes says it in my sky now and always. The love in my life,reason for living oh! What would i do without my own true love you are proud to show me off in sweats hold my hands in front of your friends i love you is not even enough english .. My love! My love! My love!.... now and always. I love you I care about you I can't do without you I'd never hurt you Love of my life Star in my sky Light to a gloomy day