Written by: Brashard Bursey

Fate is always decided by other people, including the judge and/or by God. Fate will also have conspired against those who've not been considerate to others, not working together as a team, or whatever. There's such thing as redemption and second chances and stuff.  Fate works two ways: one by punishment, the other by love and companionship. What's so great about fate is that everybody's destiny is decided and what will happen to the those who've done all the deeds, good or bad. It seems that when two people ( a man and a woman) don't want to see each other again after just one day, fate will have other plans for them, especially those who aren't married or dating as of right now. everybody knows that the condemnation or love will have sealed everybody's fate. especially that of the future. And speaking about the future, that will have already been decided and fate will always be there, no matter where they go. Another meaning of fate is when the three goddesses will have decided the fate of a human being, whether it's good or bad. Fate also has affected the lives of every human being. Even when the outcome of the end comes around in the near future, fate is always there. That's why there's a difference between fate and destiny. It also seems to me that every event occurred will have sealed our fate, even when we pass on. And if fate and destiny were to stay for a long time, we'll know what the future will be like for us human beings.