Dancing In The Rain

Written by: Maggie Mae McAfee

Can you hear the thunder?
The smell of rain tickles my nose.
The strikes of lightning brightens the sky.
There is a storm coming our way.

Ah yes, the wind blows the treetops.
It rushes through my long blonde hair.
Another bolt lights up the horizon!
Should I run and seek shelter?

As the first drop of rain falls,
The thunder and lightning intensifies.
I open my mouth to quench my thirst
With the sweet taste of falling water.

I am lured into thinking I hear music.
I have no fear as I lift my arms in the air.
My body begins to sway with closed eyes.
The raindrops are soaking my skin.

I drift closer to the sound of the skies.
My movements are becoming enhanced.
Like a sprite, I am dancing in a wet forest.
To the beat of this sensual summer rain.