The Creek

Written by: victor dixon

I’m hip enough to see
that I a’int cool.
I’m smart enough to know
that I’m a fool.
I’m young enough to think
that this a’int fair.
I’m old enough to wish
that I didn’t care.

I took a walk down to the creek
so that I wouldn’t have to speak
to anyone.
It didn’t even make me nervous
that I couldn’t see beneath the surface,
I just jumped.

I read a line in a book
about one’s memory;
it said that I don’t have one,
that it has me.
It was refreshing to read 
that it isn’t only me who’s cursed;
as much as I regretted 
not having written it first.

I swam for several hours
waiting for thunder showers
that seemed imminent,
but there was no lightning
by the time night came,
so back home I went.