Written by: Cyent D

You promised me 
that you'll love me in away know one else could 
that I'd be your only one 
Promised me 
I;d always be yours no matter what would go down 
You'll stand with me forever 
I told you all my secrets 
I opened my heart to you 
Put aside all you did, the Ly's, the hurt 
forgot it all for you 
I Promised you 
I'd hold you down 
Kept you close to me 
You told me things i dreamed someone could tell me 
Never thought i was enough, You told me to  
"keep your head up"
That you love me 
You saw me in the way i wish they all could see me
All i wanted was to be with you 
You promised me 
That you'd all ways be their 
That you were never far enough not to love me 
and i believed you!! 
Even when you broke my heart and didn't wipe away my tears 
When you put yourself above everyone
i remembered i promised id hold you down and always love you 
and now look who will always be here 
Why, because i promised you 
And unlike you i keep the promises i make make to those i love