Written by: James Chenevert

Here I am.
I know that I am here.
But I can't see me.
Oh well, 
guess I will just have to
create things to see.

First, I'l make the water
and then the land.
I'll seperate them
with the touch of my hand.

I'll make some things to live in the sea,
and put other creatures on land,
to look just like me.

"Ill make the night and day,
and hope they can find their way.
I'll give them power, truth and love.
I'll tell them it is from me,
"God" in heaven above.

I'll hope that they do,
what has to be done.
Telling them that,
"The devil" They are to shun.

If things work out,
I'll give them my throne.
If not, to hell they go,
they are on their own.