The Forbidden Cupboard

Written by: Akash Yadav

I've been told it's a forbidden cupboard--
A closet of old--white linen covered..
I'm really curious about the thing--
Its contents--and the Peril that could bring..

Surely, I'd hate to know there were Ghosts
Or Vampires that quench their thirst on the hosts;
Beasts of prey Or Pirates that sing
(The idea of a ship doesnt fit this listing)

What other people might be there,
That wait upon to give me a scare:
What's within, I need to find--
It's thought-provoking--troubles my mind...

A headless Ghoul, some creepy Creep
(Or a lovely Maiden, with her sheep--
I'd be glad to meet her for sure..)
Thus thinking, I pass-by a door...:

Behind this, stands the Forbidden Cupboard,
Now if I open it to see, would I find a leopard!

So be it--my mind's made--I enter the room:
Making for that thing there, Pushing aside a broom,
I uncover it, with a single jerk, unfasten it's latch..
But to pull it open now, I find fears to match...

There's a creeking in the room
And the brushing-aside of a broom...
The thought of Death enters the mind--
I feel now a presence from behind...