May mummy be wrong

Written by: Solomon Aiguobasinmwin

I sat akimbo like a worried octogenarian
the wind sighed and felt my pains
the sands shivered, while i frowned at nature's stony-strong smiles
I stood up from the chair and sat on the dust 
praying hard though pessimistic,
for my prayers to materialize;
as the resonance of the past bit my ears
the vile vibration of the present held my heart tenaciously
and in an attempt to predict the future
my heart wandered into the desert of oblivion

Mummy you have helped me
I need not ask whether you are my mum or not
if all mothers were like you
the earth would have been better than heaven!
I have always heeded your advice because you deserved it
Mama! you know the pains I am passing through now,
friends and gods have rejected me, not because they do not love me
but because I am now a failure
and indeed, no god or man identifies with failure
except the unknown deity that revealed himself to me

Mama! you have further crushed my mutilated and maimed mind
and at this point that all rejected me,
my beacon came, gave me joy, wiped my tears, felt my pains,
dressed my wounds, made me smile and even attempted to heal my injury
but thoughts have said my beacon is not pure,
words have said my beacon will bring me sorrow in the morrow,
ideas have said my beacon will destroy me
but i refuse to believe it! my beacon is the reason I still live!
I shout mama! as my eyes are soaked in tears,
may you be wrong mama! may you never be right in this matter!!!