Scared of my Shadow

Written by: Sean L Sanders

Yesterday my shadow whispered in my ear, 
do you want to know what it said?
Your shadow despises you 
and your conscience hates you.
Your strength is weakened by your honesty.
Your ambition is black with envy.

You say hi to your hatred and bye to your conviction.
You can hear the north but you search for the South.

Core is your vanity, deep is your black.
Punish with your breath.
Shaken from the top, shove to be last.
Mules with the load that Carries your soul

Pieces of yourself ravage with the blackness of your pain
Stillness capture like the light of night.
This dry flake, waters your commitment
soiled with the cloth of your distance. 

The well, the well crumbles with the 
wake of your silence.
The steam from your voice, it's not your own.
Somebody told me the sky was blue, is it true.