Written by: Solomon Aiguobasinmwin

I sat at the river bank like a jobless swimmer
as the flank of my heart wandered into the thick of oblivion
I am not here to bathe at the river
and I am not jobless too;
the unfriendly sun bit my soft succulent skin mercilessly
but my harmless yet sensitive skin
has chosen the path of peace with the sun
for all that is oppressing me and drawing my attention
is the pitless puzzle and mighty matrix
concocted from within the crypts of my heart

I eagerly sip my cold wine
like a joyful and fulfilled septagenarian
but I am neither joyful nor fulfilled
I then lift my head from the darkness of my heart
towards the eloquence of the setting sun
and screamed with renewed vigour
like a lunatic giant who is both drunk and overfed
"O star my emblem and staff" will you ever rise again?
if you rise, will you ever glow again?
will you attract kings, nobles and pawns to me?

I am exhausted from my shouting and I need energy
I reached for the remnant of my wine
and gulped it voraciously
may God be gracious to me as he was at my birth.