Once in Time

Written by: Richard Moriarty

A road that goes and doesn't come back a train that travels a one-way track life seems long and hard sometimes but then, a new day breaks and all seems fine, for we travel this way but once in time. Now and again we need our friends some folks to lean on when times are tough people who are made of real strong stuff, those to guide us and point the way when we get lost and don't know what to say friends who will follow after us to show us that all can be fine for we pass this way just once in time. It takes a village to raise a child cause life's not always acting so mild, things are dealt us along the way that makes this life seem not so gay, but there's no need to get distressed for there is a way to deal with this mess. All we need is to try and be kind for all of us pass this way but once in time. God has given us strength for the day and we all know that He has the final say. Life is fickle we are told and we should face our problems and try to be bold, just strive, and seek, and hope to find, for all of us pass this way but once in time.