My Frightened Soul

Written by: Erika Raiken

We didn’t meet that long ago
But still I think you should know
That I chose you above all the others
You’re like a sister from another mother
I know things aren’t alright
But let me hug you through the night
I’m here as a friend and nothing else
I’ll walk through the fire of every Hell
I am a friend to your frightened soul
Hearts, yours and mine, no longer whole
But shattered, and broken, fixed with glue
Falling apart, the blame to who?
All we need are strong arms to hold
To be daring and to be bold 
To hold us throughout the long dark night
Through troubled times and trembling fright
I will be your Guardian Angel
Hugging you through all hell
Let me be your friend as we go through
I will be faithful to you
This sounds so much like a romantic thing
But peace is what I want to bring
I’ve been through something similar
Tears make the memory a muddy blur
So here I am my frightened soul
A Guardian to save you from this hole
Of depression and pain that rip you apart
Enough damage is done to your heart
The one who holds you truly loves you
So stay strong for him, my amazing friend
We’ll stand by you until the end