Will The Innocoence Return

Written by: Erika Raiken

I know you’re hurt But please don’t cry I’m here for you We can get through This fiery raging land Is filled with hate But you and I Are not too late To save it from annihilation The hate we will cause obliteration You can’t tell me it’s not painful To watch this opera go on How can they go on Living their lives Without knowing of the pain The horror and betrayal Locked in every heart How can they do this? How can we let them? Together we can stop this hate Together, at any rate We can change their course of action Now listen to my plea Help me change them around Just you and me This task seems impossible Does it not? But what do we have to lose? Lets give it a shot I miss it In the good old days When kids were kids Getting high only happened On the swings The worst thing boys could do Was give you cooties Only scraped knees hurt And only toys got broken But now We’re all grown up Living out lives Playing this game Losing badly But together We can fix this together Just take my hand We’ll show the world