A Letter to Daddy

Written by: James Chenevert

I had just awakened from a night before drunk.
I needed a tall, cold glass of refreshing water.
I tried to stand but I couldn't.
So I sat, and there it was.
A letter fom my daughter.
I reached across the table grasping for the letter.
I began to sway, my eyes were red and sore,
rubbing them lightly just to see better.
Here's what the letter had to say.
"Dear Daddy"
I am writing just to say goodbye.
So I'll say what I have to say before I begin to cry.
You ran away from us daddy,you didn't even say goodbye.
At the time when you left, I was to young,
to understand the reason why.
Mama used to sit and cry each time we'd speak your name.
She said you left because of us kids, we were the one's to blame.
She is gone you know, she died of a broken heart.
She just couldn't make it on her own,
since you two have been apart.
She'd work both day and night trying her very best,
to give us a decent home.She never really rested much,
she was much to busy working her fingers to the bone.
She used to pray evey night you would return to town.
You never did come back daddy, you went and let her down.
She told us not to hate you, no matter what we think.
She said your only problem was, you loved your precious drink.
Now we are alone daddy, my brother John and I.
Now I know how mommy felt, that is why I sit and cry.
But I don't cry for mommy or even my brother John.
I cry for you daddy, for you see, my love for you is gone.
And now after writing this letter, even my tears have run dry.
Now that you know just how I feel daddy, 
this letter is to say goodbye.
A P.S. is added. 
A toast in in order I think.
Now that you have ruined our live's,
enjoy your self along with your next drink.