The Alcoholic

Written by: James Chenevert

So many years of torment,
traveling through a dark, and empty void. 
Each avenue a destructive road,
each passing day another painful load.

So many promises, so many broken dreams.
Disillusioned fantasies, self esteem torn down.
Never a smile, always a frown.

Hearts torn apart from lies and deceit.
Never a friend when passed on the street,
Families destroyed, children run scared.
Lost to a world, from all that once cared.

No place to turn in this living hell,
The gutter his home, 
with just his soul left to sell.

This is the bottom,
from where he will come.
All that will be left of his life,
will be over and done.

To most, this tale is symbolic.
But to those who know him,
he is known as; "The Alcoholic"