Written by: israel eziedo


Perverted! Simply perverted!
That’s the state of this world
Where faith is faithless
And ‘gospel preachers’
Are ‘gospel needers’

What’s in this world
That is in its perfect position
Save the hearts of the few saints
That wholly follow Jesus?

This world is the opposite
Of God’s original plan
Men’s heart are a perversion
Of God’s original product
Perverted! Simply perverted!

I pray for you believer
Who wholly seek and follow God
That your hearts be not seduced
Into becoming like men of the world.

Yet, a casual sight can’t guarantee
Discernment of these perverted hearts.

So, look deep into God’s Word
And listen tenderly to His voice
So you don’t live a lie
And be like the flies
Who are buried with the corpse
And can’t be rescued, redeemed or saved.
Yet, a little while o perverted world
Judgment from God shall come to you.

So, look up to the Savior,
Justifier and Great Redeemer
Who for you, died and arose
So you can be washed and made anew
By the Blood of Him who can
Make you one of the righteous
In this perverted world.