Written by: Brashard Bursey

Day in and day out, these people (the men and the women) are always being way too insecure,
especially when they thought their lovers were having multiple affairs. Men and women are
always doubting each other because they couldn't think of any positive thoughts about
something. It seems that men and/or women have doubts about getting into serious
relationships, getting married, and even spending the rest of their lives with each other.
Insecurity also means that if everyone isn't sure about what  the future will look like
for them and/or having doubts about employment, affording a house, or any of that stuff.
Everybody knows that insecurity works different ways and one of them is a possible
relationship. What's so cold about men and women being insecure is that they're making
idiots out of themselves, especially when they were supposed to know that their
spouses/lovers aren't having affairs or whatever. It makes everybody so sad and mad just
thinking about it. And if all types of insecurity continue to have an effect in all of the
Americans today, there's no telling what bad thing might happen next. This has got to stop.