summer morn'

Written by: michael hornschuch

warm,  the early dawn begins
swarm of honey bees on bouquets of wild flower
mourn as sunlight erases the dew
adorn the coming day with skies of blue

with eager emotions I rise up early
this day to conquer, feeling squirrelly
miss the moment, I not dare
kiss the day good morning!

low temperature begins the day
go mow the blades of grass
no excuse to stay inside
blow softly on a cup of Jo'

one moment to read my daily word
fun is soon to follow
sun glistens in the East
run into this day and all to follow

clouds will come as morning's past
shrouds of gray and white alas
loud claps of thunder, flashes of light
proud to feel summer's heat retreat

summer's warmth
Lento Poetry contest~Rick Parise