You Make Me More Than I Was

Written by: Rick Rucker

You Make Me More Than I Was
By Rick Rucker

Where once, I thought myself complete,
With powers and abilities, replete,

You shattered all those crafted lies,
Filled the air with my sighs,

Where once I seemed so whole,
Loving you has exacted a toll,

You have turned my World upside down,
Built a smile, where there was a frown,

You have forced me to see, 
That I can be more than ME!

Needless to say, this was a shock,
My reality you did rock,

You are such a charmer,
You did breach my impenetrable armor,

I never wish to go back,
To that lonely, single track,

I hunger to be always by your side,
On this glorious, scary ride,

I have given up control of me,
For the chance, in Love with you, to be!

My reality construct you have shattered,
Changed everything that I thought mattered,

At once you set my Heart free, 
And yet, stole it away from me!

I guess you have the right,
You are the architect of my plight,

You have made me what I am,
Showed me that my life was a sham,

Made me want to say,
That I will love you every day!