makers upon makers

Written by: katrina nephew

makers upon makers

On swings the pendulum after countless ticks and tocks 
Singing the glorious requiem for its dying brethren clocks  
It taps the world with waning tempo to preach evanescence
Yet its past and streaming photons mark a boundless presence 

An image between ticks engraves where dust is in the wind 
Recording life's ebb, whether birth of son or loss of friend 
Rarely does their maker know the many ticks or tock's he's started 
Especially not those loathe some tocks that sent away departed
What of our designer who willed us many ticks ago 
Might he know the meager wisps of the souls he set aglow? 
How should the righteous consume for production of one's self 
To make their mass of matter get placed higher on lord's shelf? 

Maybe life isn't just some programmed stellar robot 
And infinite skies get dotted with cosmic rounds of buckshot 
Then we make our own demise or shining place of glory 
And the only truth that reality sets is our untold story 

It makes morals a reprimand of actions that hurt the whole 
And spoon-fed to children with threats of their eternal soul 
Maybe a priest is another maker, sated by ancestral tricks
Just as the lonely man who fills his silent halls with ticks