Puppy Love

Written by: Annalee Pierce

This is where I leave you
This is where I say
Please don't make this hard on me; put away
Your big, sad puppy-dog eyes
Because that pout won't bring a change of heart
And much less a change of mind
So despite the promises I 
To you I say goodbye

I don't bid farewell so lightly
Because at first, you were
I have you to thank for my first kiss, and
For the first shades of love that you
Took the time to show me
And yet, a boy is called a boyfriend until 
He proves to be a man. So how could
I expect you to ever understand?

Your happiness is a thick winter's coat
And I became your coat rack
Hooked your whole life on me, thus smothering
Me; you've tipped the balance so far
That I can't quite set it back
I struggle to bear the weight of you without
Collapsing to the floor. So I must
Drop the load you've given me
I can't stand to be the only one to hold you

And I know you'll end up hating me
Because what else does someone
When the one thing left that makes you happy stops
Spoon-feeding it to you?  Yes, you'll come to
Hate me, in favor of the truth I've 
You depend on me so much that I can only let 
You down

Here I go, sending you tumbling for
Someone else to hold, so I can
My hands to use for what I love, instead of doing
What I'm told. You take my hand, for
I am puppy's love, and say,
"Baby, please just stay."
But my pet, I am sorry, for I must give you away