Tell Me Where You're At

Written by: John Monteblanco

This one's for you, me, and all the stupid allegations against me.
I love you and I'd jump off a skyscraper for you.
Can you tell me why you're crying?
Is it my fault? If so, I'm sorry- just look at me again.
Look at me with those beautiful oceanic eyes once again.
I feel like I'm falling out of a fifth story window catching your tears as they fall.
I'll never let you escape my mind because if I do I'll be like Chicken Little screaming "the 
sky is falling."
No one knows what I truly am or who I stare at when I talk to my friends.
It's a lie- these dumb allegations labeled on my forehead.
I'm not an A+ student nor a crazy pyrotechnician.
I never laid a hand on that dumb girl and I certainly never killed a man.
Will you let me explain?
All I did was get a taste of fame, but I never blew you off  at least not for another girl.
Please...tell me where you're at.