Where do i begin?
where do i begin to explain
the way i am feeling inside
where do i begin to explain
the way he makes me feel.
I've tried pulling away,running away,
ignoring this feeling that i feel.
  but my body is saying no
  my body is crying for him,yearning for him,
  longing for him so much that it feels as if
      rim losing myself
losing myself in this crazy,wicked feeling
 that is taking over me
          does he know?
i do not know
 but this feeling is growing stronger each time i hear his 
   charming,deep but gentle voice
that make me want to lose control
this feeling grows stronger every time i see his face,
his presence just melts my heart,
his presence that makes me want to run....and smash into him
oh god,what am i feeling
how do i begin to tell this feeling.......this creature.....
this desire.......this longing that i feel inside
his touch,when he touches me i lose control
i feel that i am in another world,
filled with tender love and care
the touch that is so gentle,
the touch that breaks all my defenses,
that makes everything seem alright,
that washes away all my troubles 
   what will i be without him?
where will i be without him?
this feeling that he has created in my heart
        i cannot escape
        i cannot avoid
        i cannot ignore
but what do i call it
        is it care?
        is it a want?
        is it a need?
i do not know,but this feeling.........oh this feeling
sure does feel like love
but how do i explain this feeling
  i hope he can see the feeling i can't explain 
it sure feels like love
it feels like love!