days so good

Written by: duncan ceizar chappell

days so good 

seeing days so warm to limerick's of love 
dancing angle flutter from above the clouds of love 

skies  with pinks and reds a true Passion of beauty's from above 

dancing stars in the moonlights night 

cakes from shops so good ohhhhhhhh i could stay for good 

drinks with the taste of passion oh wow so much fashion 

ice creams ohhhh what a dream to the taste mummmmmm 

a lady of the light an angel of the night flowers in her hair 
gifts of love from the gentle hands of love 

let the rains fall the skies cry the building burn for i don't care my love 
i will forever return no matter of distance no matter i will be here forever 

a poem write from the Rio DE janeiro shores where I'm home once more 

ceizar of Duncan  Te Amo