Loves touch

Written by: Sharon Ruebel

I have been away
not in myself however
within my heart

death tracks across my
persona like a gigantic
storm with thunder
and lightening at the forefront

it takes on an almost human
form as it crushes against my
serenity trying to distroy my
sweet self

as my thoughts encumbered
ever pushing downward the
humanity which has been mine

there are lessons here to
be learned and bittersweet
medicine to injest with only
myself to forcibly swallow

one can never know when
and what to feel when the
reaper comes to call
it was not for me allthough
at times i wished it so 

the endless days and nights
have passed with little tolerance
afforded by this misery known as 

suddenly almost magically
a calming gentle token of
relief came forward and
administered by the hands 
of love for me alone to consume

i now know that we all
must feel and endure the
pain of emptiness and sorrow
for it is the human condition
that requires us  to but we
need not take this road alone

truly the days and nights
ahead will bring new life
and renew the happiness
where once deaths dwelling
place visited

there wil be moments assured
when the darkness will intrude
again and now having lived through
the pain i know the warmth of the
suns embrace

i will always try to look ahead
and remember only the love...