Written by: Debbie Knapp

With you came desire.
I could not believe what was before my eyes. I could feel that somehow something 
was different. I had a feeling deep within my gut telling me you will never forget this 
moment. Somehow this day was going to change my life. Somehow you were going 
to change my life!
A chance meeting at work or was this life destiny knocking. I had built a wall of 
stone, a fortress surrounding my heart now frozen in fear. I could sense a longing 
to become as one. I had you seared into my imagination and thoughts of you grew 
stronger daily.
Another day brings us closer as we talk, laugh, and plan our first date. I find myself 
consumed with thoughts of you. My old fears and doubts start to fade. I panic and 
you hold me close and tell me everything is alright. It was that exact moment I knew 
I was in love with you and you touched my heart in a way that no one else ever had 
or ever could!
My fate was sealed. I felt desire through my entire being. I wanted nothing more 
than to be alive with you. I knew hope and love did exist and had entered into my 
life. My eyes seen and my heart had felt what no wall could hide me from. My soul 
mate was here to rescue me. 
Now with you by my side nothing is impossible. I have no stone walls just love and 
a cozy fortress for two. My dreams come true and desire continues to flow through 
my veins.
                                                                            Debbie Knapp