Written by: Omo Faith Oshodin

It was...

If only it had been!

Immersed in abstract reality


Wanting to reach out and confirm tangible expectations
But instinctively knowing it is an exercise in futility

Because by reaching out,
The spell would be broken
The magic would be gone
Dispersed like smoke in the wind

Leaving be-hind 
The bitter-sweet after-taste 
Of what is; but is not

If only....

It can be seen with-out the sub-conscious being a catalyst
For a projection that can-not be visualised 
With the naked eye

So the windows to the soul with the curtains drawn 
Kept imploring to the sub-conscious 
To tarry, nay

If only....

For a little while
So some-thing so puritanical 
Can be revelled in

But reality...
Oh, in-evitable reality!

Tore in and shattered any illusion of nirvana
Leaving behind poignant memories
To ferry a battered soul over to the shores of dawn