Written by: sybil jansen

Sitting in this train
with my head against the windowpane 
feeling so excited;  can't wait to reach my destination
my friend is waiting for me in anticipation
waited so long for this vacation
thousands of kilometres to civilisation
the scenery is awesome
a man appears in the doorway, so handsome
what is it with me?
all of a sudden I feel so free
he asks for a light
everything around me looks so bright
we make conversation 
we hear the whistle as we stopped at the station
"Let's get out and stretch our legs",
this tall, dark, handsome guy begs 
what's with the sudden butterflies
as we look into each other's eyes?
is this infatuation?
as we depart from the station
he asks:  "When can I sit in your coupe?"
"Why ask?  Of course you may."
making love in a train
makes you forget about your pain
I wish this journey would never end
to him it was just meeting a new friend