My Mind

Written by: devin colomb

My mind is kind of sick and twisted
People always wonder what’s going on inside
Well here’s a little peak of what you’d come to find

Walking through the cemetery hand in hand with a ghost
Running through a small town with a mutilated demon
Dancing on a strangers grave while it’s raining glitter
Riding on a zebra ripping out your heart
Being such a freak lurking in the shadows
Making disembodies voices crawling through the storm
Visiting the horror show with a freshly sharpened knife
Sweet nightmares of murder until you scream with fright
Always comparing the red in things to different shades of blood
You gotta love the black of night dripping behind closed lids

This is what my mind is like while we’re supposed to be learning in school
Thanks for visiting my mind please don’t stay too terribly long
For if you do there will be some scary visions dancing through your soul