Written by: Henry Stride


The impediment of speech leads to the dark impression of illiteracy,
The hindrance of thoughtful analysis prevents interpretation,
The ending of a race results in a successor and a flop.

The faltering under pressure easy to see,
The indecisive gabbling of the pessimistic selecting the wrong option,
The melancholic remembrance of the dead uttering a teardrop.

Abc what?

A bursting crescendo descending effectively fast,
Gathering huge introductions jittering,
Known legibly by the men noting the ovation.

People's questioning resulting staccato,
Terminating undoubted virility,
With xylophones zig-zagging. 


Alas, await the affable adolescent,
Allowing the arrant abbot’s arrest,
For his absolute atrocities adequate to abort a girl’s animation.

His absent awareness for the assurance of the au pair,
Ascending to the auspicious affliction,
Aimed at the apprehensive aunt.

At last at the advice of the aide,
The adversity and anguish abandoned his apperception,
After an age of aligning to adherence.