My Right Hand

Written by: Richard Moriarty

My right hand is my strength and my guide
he is always by my side.

My right hand is my leader and friend
it is to him I turn when my life is need of a mend.

My right hand is the one I lean on the most
he is the one who guides me when I feel lost.

My right hand is the one who shows me the way
the one to whom I speak to first before I have my say.

He is the one whom I trust
whenever I have got into a fuss.

When fear tries to take control of my life
I turn to my right hand to lead me from the strife.

When I feel lost and don't know what to do
my right hand is always present and leads me out of my stew.

I would give my life for my right hand to stay free
just as He has already done for me.

Adapted from: 

Psalm 16:8