Help Me Understand

Written by: Jack Ross jr.

Hello I'm your brother, I can see your pain. Tell me what's the problem, help me 
understand. If you're feeling weary, I will bear the load, let me make a difference  I 
really think I can.

If you're cold and hungry, I will find a way, to help get you what you need. I'm no 
super hero, I'm an ordinary man, but I will give my all to keep you from a fall.

If you're sad and lonely, I will be your friend, If you have a problem, I will 
understand. Don't be filled with anger, don't give in to hate. That is only darkness, 
turning from the light. Fill your heart with love, let it shine so bright, everyone 
around you will smile to see the light.

When you are discouraged reach out and take my hand, I will help you through it, I 
will be the man. I will not abandon, I'll stand by your side, We can walk together 
through the darkest night.

I am far from perfect, there are so many times I fall. Sometimes I need a hero to 
help me along the way. Sometimes I need a smile, to brighten up my day.