Whisk Me Away On The Voice Of The Wind

Written by: Priscilla Cruz

Capture me...
The wind gently sighing through the rose bushes
Stirring their sweet scent as their dresses unfold
The Moon tenderly illuminates a hidden path
I can hear the stars singing twinkling notes
Trudging forward, there's a light that awaits us
A disruption of tears crash down
How have I lost my courage?
I am thrown before an emerald mirror
I see a girl who is unknown but known by me
What has happened to her?
Movements that imitate each other I miss this young girl
She asks me why I shut her away
And I couldn't answer her through my tears...
I want to beg her to come back but I can't anymore...
That little girl,
The innocent, kind, naive girl was me...
But as I grew I slowly lost her...
One day, she just disappeared...
I miss her so very much
The person I have turned into....
That's now the real me