Conversation with an Angel a conclusion

Written by: michael hornschuch

I grabbed her arm and drug her outside. “Man, have you gone crazy!?” She asked as I tugged her
along. I began to tell her of the experience I just had with this stranger, how he had
shared this message of an angel, but it really wasn’t an angel, it was my grandpa! I must
have been babbling, rambling, or just plain nuts. When we got to the spot where all of
this happened, there was nothing in the sand anymore. It was as if I’d dreamed the whole
thing up, the ground was untouched. I looked at my surroundings, was I on the right block?
Where had he drawn this picture? My wife calmly said, “Honey, if you say it happened I
believe you, but can we go back home, you can tell me there.” 
To this day, I’m convince of angels in more than one form…if I go much further, this will
turn into a novel, rather than a narrative…so I’ll leave it alone..God’s speed to all who
read and believe. 

By the way, I’m not nut’s it’s just a story…really!