Conversation with an Angel Part 2

Written by: michael hornschuch

The particular part of the yard he was fixated on was pea gravel and sand. He had a twig
in his right hand, and was drawing a face, “What are drawing?” I asked, “An angel” he
replied. “I see. Nice work, where did you learn to draw like that?” I don’t know why I
asked, but something was comforting in the conversation. “I’m not drawing…it’s called sand
script.” I didn’t correct him, as I thought he was trying to impress me with a big word,
but I chuckled inside-I swear, I never showed even a grin. He sharply turned and looked at
me and said, not Sanskrit…do I look Hindu to you?” He seemed annoyed, like I was talking
down to him-maybe I was-- so changed the tone I used. I said, “What is sand script?” “It’s
drawing angels.” “You’re drawing an Angel?” “Yes-- Yours.” “Oh I see. Can I watch or are
you done?” “I don’t care, go ‘head – no I’m not done” he said as if irritated by my
question. As I watched him drawing with this piece of twig, I noticed a face, quite
familiar. I was impressed as he moved the gravel around, the way his lines raised and sunk
to create an almost real figure of a man. He kept drawing and was working down to a neck,
when I asked. “You don’t mind me watching do you? I can move along if you’re bothered.” He
replied “no, it’s for you.” I couldn’t help but giggle a little as I asked “It is? How did
you know I’d be here this moment tonight?” He replied, “I know you.” “I’m sorry, you know
me? I guess I’ve not noticed, I’ve never seen you before-do you live here?” “Do I look
like I live here?” the man was quite curt. “I don’t know, I’m just trying to figure out
how you know me, and that I’d be walking here tonight.” “Your angel told me.” He spoke
softly this time, humbled in his tone. “Your angel has been talking to me for a long time.
It took me awhile to get here.” I didn’t say anything. “I see angels, and they talk to me.
Yours told me I needed to share a message with you. Darn thing’s been annoying the livin’
day lights out of me for weeks. You know I walked here, all the way from Raton?” “Raton
New Mexico!?” I asked truly aghast.