Written by: mermanda dawn

right now, I can't do it. 
Can't keep burying myself.
I can't be the real me anymore... She is lonely, naive 
and broken.
The mirror is telling me I don't want her, that we must 
kill her and drop her body off of a cliff deep inside our 
mind.  Never come come back, never look down.
We slap her around, throw her against her prison walls. 
I can see the life force slipping away from her eyes... It 
feels good to defeat.
She is going cold. 
And we are growing hotter.
It is finally working! She is finally dying. Years of this we 
have been beating her.
Well, wait.... Who will love us when she is gone?
Huh!! We don't need love!! We don't need you!! 
Your useless and a waste of energy. 
She is trying to speak again; How did we end up here? 
I said, it's all those years of being so sensitive, in so 
much pain from the hurt of everyone else... The weight 
of another. The weight of us. 
She says, please don't this. Your hurting me. I still love 
you. I love you. 
I would never hurt you. 
It's too late for that, too late for this pity party. 
Your over. 
How can I believe her when she makes us feel so 
When the weight will crush us all if we don't self 
I can't.