Written by: Jack Ross jr.

I look in the mirrow at the liines in my face, the hair turning gray and eyes growing 
dim; Time takes it's toll as you grow old.

My body grows weak, and my mind is now dull. I turn away and think to myself, 
where did all the time go. I long for the time when I was young, happy, and life was 
sweet; I know soon my maker I will meet.

My friends now are few, and life holds little pleasure. I want to find a way to 
recapture these treasures.
My child has grown up, and now is gone, my wife has passed on; I think I ponder, 
oh what shall I do? I want someone to make me feel happy and free.

Perhaps tomorrow this will come to me; Until then I'll do all that I can, to try to stand 
strong, and be a good man.