You've Already Lost

Written by: mermanda dawn

Gonna make it plain and simple
gonna want you to see
I know you don't understand riddles
so I'm gonna make it easy
this one sided war your fighting in
is just a waste of time
I'm gonna win
its written in rhyme
you cant compete with my words 
for you have nothing to say
and when your talking behind my back
here's what you should say;
She wont talk to me
she wont give me the time of day
she wont fight back
she's got words in cyber space
sex is all I offer
what do I have to say?
my question to you is; 
when was this about winning?
when did it turn into someone losing?
your world revolves around picking fights
I guess that's what you get when your empty inside

I wont compromise who I am 
what I have fought for 
where I come from
all for the sake of fighting you
I have better things to do 
than waste my time on you
you don't get my power 
or my rage
just a little letter here on a page
don't get to see me dishonor my age
24 I am 
but I have years on you
and with that comes happiness
a peace you never knew
I wont fake a smile
and laugh at your jokes
I have more to say than OMG
what really does that even mean
or call you "baby" and "hun"
that is just two faced 
forces sugar in someones mouth
when I say those words 
they're for a special person
not just another face
I wont be the girl 
with two big fake floats 
cant give plastic surgery to your brain
or lipo suction your head
cant go to a salon 
and change the color of your heart
when you look in a mirror 
and the breasts deflate
cancer ridden on your skin from all the fake bake
what will you have to win your wars
who will have you then 
when your lies cant be covered with beauty and sin
and your ugly personality is also what you wear
no more makeup to cover you there
your air head will pop
and in the end
left with scattered brains on a forgotten rock
out in the rain

So a war of words
girl I'm ready
cause I know your heart is empty
you cant fight me here
our leagues are in different fields
so pack your bags 
and pick up your heels
go pick on someone as equal as you
then win that war
cause here you've already lost