Written by: Jack Ross jr.

Countless paths I have wandered, seeking for myself the things 
I once honored, Wealth, glory and fame.

But the paths you choose are fickle things, they twist and turn till you walk into the 
flame; Now the falme it is a paradox, it scorches your flesh, but it chills your bones.

I turned to flee, to seek my home, but twisted paths have no sympathy. I was lost 
and all alone. Then I glimpsed a distant glimmer, a tiny light shining through my 
window; I fixed my eyes on that tiny light and followed it through the dark, and 
stormy night.

Finally when I drew nigh the door, my Father stepped out and caressed me tight; I 
pleaded with my Father to take me back and he said. Hush my wandering child, for it 
was I who sent you the light.