The Poet's Way

Written by: SYLVIA Coulstock

When I put pen to paper To write in free verse or rhyme, What I create is according to mood The feelings I have at the time. When I'm in tune with my inner self I write from the level of soul. Outpourings are deeply spiritual For Divine Love writes the scroll. Sometimes I'm philosophical. Understanding wish to share, So I open my mind to wisdom's touch Let her take over from there. If I'm feeling playful Then a sense of humour I use, To create some joy and laughter Young and old alike to amuse. I might just want to share feelings, So with the gift of empathy I try to reach other's hearts and minds, So to set their feelings free. I also take from what I see in life Nature's beauty spread all around. And so portray with expressive words To capture every sight and sound. I am like the artist That paints on canvas for all to see. My pen is my brush, words my colours And feelings do the artwork for me.