Written by: Owen van der Schyf

Friday lights our world
Silent screams all around
Sleeping isn't allowed
Take a breath it will be your last
Monday comes then back you go
But for now you're here
Stay and live, the party you are

Scream and shout
The week you hate
When Friday comes
Thas's the one you want
Friday is for the young
Young at heart and you are
A thousand miles around

Rattle and roll
Breaking out of control
Shake the way you know
Dance for all to see
From here to Beijing
All waits for you to sing
Live fast and be dangerous

No stop signs on our way
Take your foot off the brakes
Speed aint nothing on a Friday
No going back tonight
Monday comes but it's still far away
Tonight we are reckless
No time wasted
Scream and shout