Thank you for your time

Written by: Owen van der Schyf

Lying here beside you
on this dark warm night
There's nothing but the distance
Tearing me apart
You aint seen me, heard what I've done
Loving you was the best thing
Can't fool you with that
Highways came and I crashed
Fool I was crashed into you
Happy go lucky till I broke
I can't hide that
That you know

As a train departed
I missed all together
To late I was
Saying what I felt
So I say it now
Alone in the dark
Come gently, I feel you near
Sarrows in my voice
Can't keep it in anymore
Losing you is but a memory

The stories, the laughs
As if nothing happened
Thank you for your time
For the short life we loved
was a blessing in disguise
The time I knew you I wasted
What if I knew then what I know now
I wouldn't wanna relive it
All the pain I have to go through
Would kill me all over again
I love you and that would remain