Like a dream

Written by: rinki nandy

Like a dream you came into my life,
and like a dream I shall treat you,
in the forest of the second hand emotion,
I lost the battle to you,
but never could I put you aside,
even when you couldn't care when I cried,
you never showed up when I tried,
to break the world wherein you reside.

like a dream you loved me,
and like a dream I shall love you,
in the traffic of silver cars and golden planes,
I gave up my search for you,
gave up my dream for you,
a non entity,
a non dreamer I called you,
thought we would one day meet,
in lovers' street,
by the lanes of a dream,
along the pool of romance,
thought we would dance,
our last dance.

like a dream you saw me,
and like a dream I shall see you,
but don't you call me back,
to swim in your river of madness,
or jump in the joy of your sadness,
love me or hate me,
respect or insult me,
it won't affect me,
for like a dream you have forgotten me,
and like a dream I must forget you.