Watch and don't be fooled

Written by: Bobb Marly

10 July 2011 11:55 pm
Be aware there are shadows about
The serpent has been busy preparing dens of blood and bone grout
Many eggs has it lain
Circling the world over and over again
With hypnosis in its eyes
Its tongue full of lies
In every country every city and every little town
Its prey works for it to tare the world down
Disguised as an angel it has tried this once before
Devouring one third before being thrown out the door
Now building its army from those it devours
Its eggs waiting for the day and the hour
Be warned be prepared
Be vigilant but not scared
It can not bite it has no teeth
Its head will be crushed under Yashewa's feet
Don't stare into its eyes
Don't listen to its lies
The wealth of this world is conjured from our blood
And will be destroyed and washed away like mud
There is but one God and one way to Him
It is through His son the Christ who knew no sin