Gethsemane Of The Mind

Written by: Jarid Miller

Gethsemane was a garden where my Master prayed alone. 
Deep distress He was in. His crucifixion wouldn't be long. 

As in the garden, I'm in distress. I'm lonely without my wife. 
People blown, slashed, tortured I see. I'll never be alright. 

Dear love, I write this letter for you're always on my mind. 
Just to touch. Just to hold. Having your hand again in mine. 

In the day I think of you. In the night of you I dream. Every 
second of every hour you're always there...or so it seems. 

Dear love, like the sun so do you shine your light on me. 
Calming the troubling waters of my life. I'm still just like 
the sea. 

I'm at war in another land, but it's a lonely place for me. My 
garden of Eden is home with you. I'm in distress like Gethsemane. 

Dear love, I'm defending my life, yours and the kids too. 
Defending it for my country. Fighting for a girl like you! 

So depressed I get without you my sweet and darling wife. 
Need you here next to me. Please know you are my guiding 

Dear love, I want to say you're such an amazing girl. Honor, 
riches and gold won't do, wouldn't trade you for the world! 

Fortune, fame and all the rest...that stuff just won't do. 
None of it matters to me. All my riches I have in you. 

Another minute 
Another day 
Another night without you. 

Oh love 
My sweet love 
How am I missing you! 

Dear love, they just told me I'll be soon going home. 
Tell the kids I love them. I'll be back where I belong. 

Sadly I didn't make it, for in the night there was an attack. 
Several of us were killed. There's no way I'm coming back. 

Dear love, I'm so sorry. Won't be coming back to you. 
Promised I did, but now sweet love what are you going 
to do? 

Saw the news. You gave a cry, "My garden of Eden you 
are to me!" Wailing, holding my picture softly saying 
these words to me. 

"If I could hold you again. If I could have you next to me. 
My heart would be a garden of joy and not in distress as 

"Another tear" 
"Another cry" 
"Another night I scream, 'Why!?'" 

"Though I try" 
"Can't get by" 
"Just so hard to say goodbye!"