Written by: Audonus Taylor

Stare into my blood shot eyes
As I lie on the floor in rage,
Nothing reduces my symptoms,
Not one thought takes the edge off,
Thinking myself into sickness
from lack of having my newest addiction,
My stomach turns and tightens inside,
Soon my coughs will become vomit,

Take it away or return it at once
before dizziness takes control,
My head pounds with my pulse
My body shivers from cold sweats
I want it back, I need it back…
As my hands begin to tremor
My vision becomes dreary,
I have flashbacks, I am losing it…

Please, just one more time,
Let me feel its rush, its magic
I need to taste it once more,
It calls to me, it makes me invincible
when the rest seems to be too weak,
Finally, I feel its power enter me
Finally my withdrawals are less vicious

My symptoms disappear as I feel whole
Once more, I can function awhile longer,
Once more, my addiction is in my hands
In my head, in my veins, soothing me,
Yet, it still tastes sweeter,
It still gives me a head rush,
From shaking on the floor, I now rise,
I am finally complete again,
For she has said, “I love you”