May it be

Written by: Bill Lindenmuth

May your days be filled with laughter 
and your heart be blessed with love 
May you find all that you are after 
With sweet blessings from above 
May it be your dreams are answered 
With all hope they will come true 
May you find a little sunshine 
In all the things you do 
May you see a million sunsets 
And count a billion stars 
See your world from deep within 
And visit from afar 
May you be blessed with all the love 
Two love struck people can share 
May you share a million heartbeats 
Each one saying how much you care 
May you dance beside the ocean 
Wind soft melodies touching the shore 
With eyes illuminated in the night 
Reflections of the one you adore 
May your life be fruitful 
 your love simple and pure 
let it live within you 
Far beyond forever more 
May your love be like a garden 
Where each nurtured flower can grow 
Attended to with loving care 
More then you will ever know 
May every day be special 
Each moment a treasured memory 
With all the love that you deserve 
all that you hope it may be