Leo just a sign

Written by: Hitendra Mehta

Leo a zodiac sign
Lion King of jungle  
Forget empire, many Leos homeless
Truly, its just a sign !

Leader, snobbish, extrovert
centre of circle, clever, dedicated
But many Leos biting dust in practical world
Truly, its just a sign ! 
Jungles are shrinking 
Lion specie is in danger
Yeah many a Leos dying for survival
Truly, its just a sign !

Lions are in cages, amusement safaris
Leos trapped in wordly maze, gaze the cage from outside
As if human Leo sympathising jungle Lion 
Truly, its just a sign !

Have anyone heard the real roar ?
Well fed zoo lions are fed up of roaring
haven't tasted live blood, Leos blood sucked 
Truly, its just a sign !


Hitendra Mehta
July 2011

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